Bed linen



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Bed linen 

Both soft and warm, the Cocon d'Amour bed linen is made to allow baby to sleep in a protective environment and have peaceful nights.


  • Crib bumpers

    Cocon d'Amour creates the beautifulest bedweeps to dress up your baby's bed, where he will feel safe and will be able to spend beautiful nights.

  • Couverture de naissance
  • Bed linen sets

    Cocon d'Amour creates and manufactures the most beautiful ornaments baby bed linen. Our sets are customizable to the theme of your baby's room. The combination of a round bed, duvet, pillow and his pillowcase will create a magical baby corner. Give free rein to your imagination.

  • Crib conforters
  • Baby sleeping bags

    The sleeping bag, or comforter is a garment that is worn to sleep, and that leaves the arms and head uncovered. It is a small sleeping bag held at the shoulders by straps.

    Thus, baby can have a peaceful night.

  • Baby pillows
  • Mattress covers /...
  • Bed canopies

    Our baby bed canopies are a way to protect your baby and to make sure he's having sweet dreams while sleeping in his little cocoon of love.

  • Drape holders

    The drape holder is essential to hold the bed canopy.

  • Crib organizers

    Cocon d'Amour crib organizers are made by hand in our workshops in France. They are convenient and decorative. Feel free to empty your pockets while you enjoy your time with baby !

  • Baby wedges
  • Matelas de lit bébé
  • Baby nest

    Warm and elegant, it will allow baby to feel safe.