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  • Baby furniture sets
  • Wooden cradles

    Wooden cradles by Cocon d'Amour are high quality products. Convenient and decorative, they will keep baby in security while he's having sweet dreams ! 

  • Playards

    Playard, convenient and elegant. 

  • Accessoires de lit
  • Dressers

    Cocon d'Amour dressers are robust and elegant.

    Find yours.

  • Baby wardrobes

    Cocon d'Amour wardrobes are made with high quality materials.

    They are robust and elegant to keep your baby's room unique !

  • Armchairs and sofas

    Our selection of armchairs and sofas is essential to keep your baby's room unique ! Find yours now.

  • Furniture knobs
  • Toy boxes

    Cocon d'Amour toy boxes are very convenient to keep baby's room tidy.

  • Libraries

    Our librairies make the design of your baby's room perfect.

  • Wall shelves

    Our wall shelves are the masterpieces that will beautify your baby's room decoration.

    They are both convenient and decorative ! 

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item