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  • Nappy bags
  • Baby nursery organizer

    Cocon d'Amour nursery orgnanizers are handmade and big enough to take all the baby stuff you need ! 

  • Toiletry bags

    Find our packages of vanity case allowing you to store and take care of your baby's products. 

  • Vanity
  • Changing mats

    Cocoon of Love changing pads are comfortable and allows you to change baby carefully !

  • Bathing capes and...

    Cocon d'Amour bathing capes and bathrobes are made to protect baby when it comes time for his first bath.

  • Nappy stackers

    A nappy stacker allows you to store baby's diapers and grows. A mix between convenience and decoration, you'll be able to hang it on a changing mat, a dresser or simply on the wall !

    Made by hand in our french workshops, with love and passion. 

  • Laundry hampers

    Baby laundry hampers are made to store baby's clothes before washing.

    Made by hand with natural wicker.

  • Baby fragrances

    It's not a mistery, fragrances selected by Cocon d'Amour smell good. Moreover, they are made with healthy products, that are not harmful to baby's health ! 

  • Baignoire
  • Langes
  • Accessoires de toilette