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For a peaceful sleep.

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The NIDOO® is a real ergonomic mattresses transportable everywhere, that will ensure the well-being of your baby, safely.

The NIDOO® has been specially designed by experts nursery experts, to allow Baby to find activity and mobility similar to those observed in the maternal uterus.

Designed in a hospital environment and used since 2007 by Neonatalogy services in France and abroad, NIDOO® accompanies baby during his first 3-4 months.

The NIDOO® allows baby to take support in the winding of the pelvis and shoulders, an essential posture for the good psychomotor development of the child.

NIDOO® is 50 cm long, 36 cm wide and 11 cm thick. It weighs 260 grams, making it the most compact and lightest sleep solution on the market.

In combination with the Bultex Comfort, the NIDOO® has been designed to take care of the baby's body during sleep and quiet awake times. NIDOO® consists of the Bultex comfort foam, which has required several years of study and hospital testing by specialists of nursery, to determine the ideal density for the small and fragile body of baby.


-Improves baby's comfort

-Promotes good psychomotor development

-Facilitates intestinal transit

-Limit congestion of the airways

-Limits the appearance of the phenomenon of the flat head (Plagiocephaly)

-Facilitates the discovery of his hands by the look and sucking

-Scalable, it easily adjusts to Baby's size

The Nidoo® complies with the Bedding Decree n ° 2000-164 of 23/02/2000. It also complies with the safety requirements of Decree 2000-164 and Standard XP-G 30-106.


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Nidoo Chic

Nidoo Chic

For a peaceful sleep.

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